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The Shelton Life, August 5, 2011

Local Canine Companies are Going to the Dogs, and Loving it

NBC San Diego - aPaws Convention Scooper Bowl, October 16, 2010

Scooper Bowl for Pet Waste Pros  

The Wall Street Journal, February 26, 2008

The LawnDoodles scooper is in the green long-sleeved shirt . . .

Customers' Comments: 

"I know my life has reached another dimension when I look forward to the weekly poop report :) and get so excited when it's a positive one!  As always, thankful and grateful for all you do"

Jennifer O, Olympia

" I appreciate your work, I didn’t realize what a weight off my shoulders it would be to not have to worry about that ‘job’ Especially with the weather getting nicer, I don’t have to worry about my yard being “stinky” when we have company."

Maureen A. in Shelton

"You guys are AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for working with me yesterday and calling in advance, it worked out great! It's so nice to know that my daughter and I can play ball in the backyard again....when it stops raining. :)"

  A. C. in Lacey

"We have thoroughly enjoyed your services. Thank you so much! You have been great!"

  C Anderson in Port Orchard

"You are awesome! I appreciate your reliable service! Thank you!"

  Roberta W. in Olympia

"Just voted for LawnDoodles as the 'Best Local Business' in the Best of Olympia 2011 Readers' Poll."

   Diane D. in Tumwater

"Thank you so much!! You are doing a wonderful job - this is the best treat I have ever given myself!!"

    Maggie C. in Olympia

"We have LOVED your service and think you do a great job at a hard job!  Thank you very much for being understanding, cheerful and always great to deal with.  I will recommend you to friends!"

    Carolyn Mc. in Olympia

"I want to thank you for providing such a wonderful service and always being so courteous."

   Dawn K. in Olympia

"I wanted to tell you how very satisfied I am with your services! Very professional and I truly appreciate that. It seems that you really care about your customers."

    Chris J. from Stillwater Corgis in Olympia

"Evie does a fantastic job! I highly recommend her business to anyone who needs a little help with scooping the poop! I am a military wife who's husband is deployed and I just needed an extra hand with that. She was flexible with coming when I needed her to and just so thorough! Plus, she is a genuinely nice person who was great to talk to! I will miss you Evie when we PCS this Fall!"

    Kimberly LaBonte in Olympia (soon to be Georgia!)

"Thank you again for your services! We appreciate it!"

   Jeni R. in Silverdale

"Thank you so much! We absolutely love the service u provide and our yard looks fabulous after your visits!"

    Jess O. in Olympia

"You’ve been wonderful and I’ve enjoyed our visits as I know my two dogs, Prince and Kara, have. Thank you for such excellent service. "

    Mary B. in Lacey

"Thank you so much for your clean up - you did an amazing job! I and my fellow committee members have spent hours in previous years scooping that field, and have never gotten it so clean. We were very impressed!"

    Alisa A. from McCormick Woods

"Oh My Gosh!!! I went out this morning with the dogs and IT FELT LIKE CHRISTMAS! The yard was so clean...not a shred of poo anywhere! You really do terrific work! wow. I cannot sing your praises enough. I was just overwhelmed at how thorough you were. I would NEVER have been able to do that!

    Jeanette A. in Kingston

"Your service is wonderful and I hope my "kids" aren't too rough on you!  Coral and Stokes thank you profusely for always taking the time and care that they so greatly deserve."

    Amie N. in Port Orchard

"THANK YOU! You provide an INVALUABLE service! And evidently the little dudes like you!"

     Anne K. in Olympia

"Thank you for all the great work you do!  Nell loves when you come over!"

    Joy N. in Port Orchard

"What a great service!  I can't believe how clean the lawn is and how much it improved this summer."

   Jonathan T. in Silverdale

"I love that you are in uniform and do such a good job. Thank You. The dogs love you too!"

   Sammy B. in Olympia

"I really appreciated your business.  I always mentioned you to my friends about scooping.  I told them it's worth it and no worries too.  Thank you again!"

   C. M. in Silverdale

There's a change in your dog's feces . . . what could it be?

Only your veterinarian can tell you for sure what these signs could be, but here are some things that could be indicators for serious health problems:

Diarrhea   Bloody Diarrhea   Worms and Parasites   Foreign Body in Stool

Bloody Stool (Red/Fresh)   Bloody Stool (Black/Tarry)

Click on the type of symptom for more information from They have given LawnDoodles permission to provide these links. This site and are strictly for reference NOT for consultation. Never disregard veterinary advice or delay in seeking it as a result of information provided. If your pet is showing any signs of distress or you suspect your pet is ill, CONTACT YOUR VETERINARIAN.

If needed, LawnDoodles can collect a sample and deliver it to your veterinarian for a fee at your request for diagnostic purposes.

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