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Privacy Policy

The Information We Collect

LawnDoodles collects limited information from clients such as name, address, phone number, mailing address, email address, and other non-sensitive personal information such as type of pets, referral source, and discount status. We do not store bank account information, credit card numbers, or any banking related account information in our databases.

How Personal Information is Used

The personal information we collect is used for the purpose of scheduling, routing, mailing LawnDoodles informational and promotional material, and billing purposes. We will never sell, trade, or otherwise share your personal information or release it to any agency for any purpose with the exception of delinquent accounts.


Delinquent accounts may be turned over to collection agencies after all reasonable means of collecting these debts have been exhausted. If possible, the privacy of non-related personal information will still be protected.
The Information We Collect

Storage of Information and Digital Communications

LawnDoodles Customer information will be stored on a password protected computer, running a firewall with a connection to the internet. State of the art firewall software, virus protection, and anti-spyware will be in use to protect this information. Copies of your LawnDoodles Account information will be stored digitally, for backup purposes on a secure hard drive, independent of the internet or any other network connections. Any communications with customers via the internet will use the minimum amount of personal information.

Conditional Release of Information

If you wish to be listed as a LawnDoodles reference for other customers or potential customers, you may specify release of your name, email and/or phone number. Written consent for this release will be obtained before we use your information for this purpose.

The Bottom Line

Privacy of personal information is extremely important to us and we will treat your information with the same respect that we would demand for ourselves. Contact Us if you have any questions about our policies. Because there is always the possibility that a situation will arise that is not covered by this policy we will err on the side of privacy as we are able and strive to keep our customers happy.

Thank You.


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